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At Action Fire & Alarm, we invest our time and resources in improving ourselves, not focusing on the competition. The most important assets we possess are knowledge of NFPA guidelines, years of experience in fire safety, the desire to serve others, and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction.


At Action Fire & Alarm, we serve a variety of clients and companies: offices, data centers, industrial settings, warehouses, restaurants, and residential properties. Our installations include fire alarms, kitchen cooking systems, emergency lighting and just about anything our clients want or need.


From installation to inspections and maintenance, Action Fire and Alarm Inc. specializes in seeing our projects through from beginning to end. We perform all required annual fire alarm inspections in accordance with NFPA 72 codes and standards. We install equipment, including Kidde products, on new builds and we can virtually test & repair any fire alarm panel, given the appropriate parts and programming capabilities. Read More


Our experience proves that proper installation and maintenance can spell the difference between a close call and abject disaster. We provide full sprinkler system design, installation, service repair, and all NFPA-required sprinkler inspections. Our conscientious, knowledgeable professionals install and maintain dry pipe systems, wet pipe systems, fire pumps, deluge systems, and pre-action systems. Don’t regret making a decision too late; let AFA’s experts install a system today and protect your assets. Read More


Fire extinguishers remain a necessary component of any business or home, and AFA knows exactly which size and style will fit your needs. Our customers always receive the knowledge and training they need to optimize their extinguishers and equipment; we also perform annual inspections, testing, and recharging to ensure the highest level of customer protection and satisfaction. Read More


Our scope of work extends beyond home and office into professional and industrial kitchens. Action Fire and Alarm is an industry leader in installing fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens. These systems are designed to automatically sense a fire and self-activate before irreparable damage occurs. We provide installation, semiannual inspections, and service & repair for any kitchen suppression systems on the market today. Read More


Traditional sprinkler systems stymie a fire, yes, but what of equipment that would be as damaged by water as it would flame? Special hazard systems are designed and utilized to protect sensitive equipment, such as server rooms and other high-tech machinery. We provide complete installation, service, repair, and required NFPA semi-annual inspections on all special hazard systems to protect you and your more delicate equipment. Read More


Exit & Emergency lighting can truly save the day in an emergency. At AFA, we provide the required Life Safety 101 Testing on all exit and emergency lighting systems, which is conducted at least annually, sometimes monthly. We also provide battery & light bulb changes, as well as new fixture installation. Read More


From the early morning to well past closing, fires can occur at any time. Monitoring for fires at your business shouldn’t end when the last employee leaves. Action Fire & Alarm provides 24 hour monitoring systems to protect your business at all hours of the day. When the system detects a fire information is automatically sent to a monitoring station where trained operators will notify the appropriate local agency (such as a fire department or police station) as well as a designated representative from your business. Read More


Many manufacturing and industrial businesses use industrial spray booths in their production line. Unfortunately, these systems pose a number of fire safety concerns. Action Fire & Alarm can inspect your booths for safety concerns and violations and make recommendations. In addition, we can install fire control systems into your spray booths to help protect your business and employees in case of an accident or safety system failure.


In the event of a fire emergency, a fire extinguisher can be your business’s first line of defense, assuming your extinguishers are used properly. Action Fire & Alarm offers training classes on how to properly use an extinguisher. Our training consists of a short class followed by a written quiz to test your employee’s knowledge. This quiz is followed by a controlled live burn in your parking lot to give your employees an opportunity to test their new knowledge in a safe environment and get a feel for how it feels to use a fire extinguisher in real life.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fire alarm systems are essential for protecting people and businesses from fire, but what if your alarm system becomes damaged or malfunctions? Action Fire & Alarm offers 24-hour emergency services for your business. In case of a malfunction like a burst sprinkler system pipe or a fire alarm stuck in its alert cycle, our team can be dispatched to your business at any hour of the day to perform emergency repairs and get your systems working properly again.

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