Fire extinguishers and hoses are the first line of defense in an effective life safety plan, making meeting fire extinguisher standards a necessary component of any business or home.  AFA knows exactly which size and style will fit your needs. Our customers always receive the knowledge and training they need to optimize their extinguishers and equipment.  We also perform annual inspections, testing, and recharging to ensure the highest level of customer protection and satisfaction.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publications hold the guidelines for minimum requirements.  However the local jurisdiction holding authority may advise a facility to go above and beyond those guidelines to meet fire extinguisher standards.

NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

Five Keys for Compliance:

  1. Proper Equipment
  2. Monthly Inspections
  3. Annual Maintenance
  4. Service Records
  5. Live Burn Training 

Proper Equipment:  Having the right fire extinguisher or fire hose for each application is essential.  AFA can help you with type, sizes, locations, and quantities. See the chart below for the proper extinguishers for each application.  Please feel free to contact us  with any questions or concerns. 

Monthly Inspections:  A property owner or management company is required to have all fire extinguishers inspected monthly.  This visual inspection ensures the fire extinguisher is properly located, fully charged, and ready for use. 

Annual Maintenance: All fire extinguishers must be inspected annually per code and manufacturer specifications.  Visual inspection of the mechanical parts, the cylinder for rust or large dents, and the discharge tube or hose are all aspects of the annual inspection to ensure you meet fire extinguisher standards.

Manufacturer specifications require fire extinguishers to be discharged and visually inspected and or hydro tested.  These procedures test the cylinders strength and guarantee quality of internal parts for proper protection.  

Service Records: Current and accurate service records must be kept relating to all inspection and maintenance activity. Action Fire and Alarm with maintain and update a survey of all Fire Extinguishers in a facility, the type, service schedule and location.  This also helps customers with future budget plans on heavy service years.


Fire Extinguisher Class Chart, Action Fire & Alarm, Waukesha, Wisconsin.