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We are certified & experienced  in services such as extinguisher recharging, installing and inspecting fire alarm systems, suppression system installation, sprinkler system servicing, as well as emergency light testing.

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24-Hour Monitoring

We are proud to offer 24/7, 365 monitoring services in association with EMERgency24. 24-hour monitoring systems are designed to protect your business and alert the relevant authorities at all hours of the day. We offer a number of different monitoring services suitable for a variety of businesses, including:


Receive alerts without the expense of a telephone landline. Cellular monitoring is an excellent choice for businesses in remote areas where landlines or radio  are impractical.


We also offer dail-up monitoring for security and fire systems. This method utilizes your business’s existing phone lines to monitor and send alerts in case of emergencies.


Elevator monitoring systems can utilize cellular or phone line systems to send emergency alerts in case of mechanical malfunctions or if a passenger needs emergency services.


Many businesses offer ‘Areas of Refuge’ for people who cannot exit a building without assistance. We offer Areas of Refuge monitoring via phone lines or cellular interfaces.

For over 30 years, Action Fire & Alarm has provided Wisconsin with quality fire safety and security supplies. We take great pride in not only our knowledge of fire safety products and regulations, but also our quick, honest, and friendly customer service. Take a look at our articles below for tips and tricks from Action Fire & Alarm.

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