Traditional sprinkler systems stymie a fire, yes, but what of equipment that would be as damaged by water as it would flame? Special hazard systems are designed and utilized to protect sensitive equipment, such as server rooms and other high-tech machinery. We provide complete installation, service, repair, and required NFPA semi-annual inspections on all special hazard systems to protect you and your more delicate equipment.

Fire Suppression for Sensitive Systems

Chemical fire suppression systems quickly detect and suppress fires to minimize damage, clean-up, and downtime. Such systems are typically used to protect:

  • Financial records
  • Data storage and computer rooms
  • Industrial equipment
  • Health care records
  • Collectibles
  • Historical sites
  • And more

Action Fire and Alarm will ensure your system is tested and ready to go when we turn it over to you. We train your employees to understand the proper operation and maintenance requirements to keep your system in optimal operating condition.

Inspections & Maintenance

Action Fire and Alarm also provides regular inspections and maintenance to keep your system in compliance. We keep accurate records as required by code and AHJ officials. In addition, if your system goes off either accidentally or in response to a fire, you can call us to get it back into service as quickly as possible.

Fire suppression system maintenance includes:

  • Testing and cleaning all detectors
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Verifying cylinder pressures and weights
  • Checking for changes in hazard integrity
  • Checking input and output circuit supervision
  • Simulating system discharge and testing releasing circuits
  • Visually inspecting agent piping and nozzles
  • Checking hydrotest dates for cylinders and discharge hoses